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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  June 7, 2014 4:55pm-5:01pm EDT

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spends the next four years of her life paying back his debt, living in a smaller house to restore his name and then she dies of uterine cancer. thank you. any other questions? yes, sir. >> how does arnold afford to buy -- [inaudible] >> how did he buy it? we don't know. there is a lost of things about arnold finances that we don't know. maybe he borrowed money and maybe he called the french minister for loans. mount pleasant was a gift to peggy because judge shippen did not think he was weltedy enough. so it was a security. they never lived there. it is in fair mount park in philadelphia. it was a rental property. that is the best i can give you on that. any other questions?
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[inaudible] >> he does enter into it. john jay feels sorry for peggy especially when the patriots say she has to leave philadelphia. i did not go into more of that because i have a lot of issues to squeeze into 80,000 words. well, thank you -- yes? >> washington and lafayette, did they ever change their mind on peggy? >> i don't know. we do know in the early 20th century it was then that one of clinton's notes was published and brought to this country. it was learned that the queen charlotte gave peggy 500 pounds a year for her "mar or thous service to the crown."
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that sort of settle the question of how innocent peggy really was. washington is amazed at the letter that and i won't bore you with it but the letters that arnold wrote to the americans saying come join the british and come with us. he can't believe the arrogance of him. there are wonderful quotes about that. yes, sir? >> any lady mac beth quality to peggy? >> no, and that is so intriguing about her. the family was concerned about her reputation. they burned all of her correspondence from childhood on. you only get dribs and drabs until a little later until 1788 and 1790.
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then this voice emerges. one of the people you can compare it to is hillary clinton. she is brilliant. she knows arnold is not so practical. she is the brains. she is the caretaker. not lady mac beth. i don't think she had an easy life let's put it that way. yes? [inaudible] >> for a while. >> and she did not hook up with her parents? >> he never gets on as well. he is made general and fights in this country against his own countrymen against the revolution. he never gets along too well in england even though she does. one quote about her from a society, they are introduced in court. peggy is a charming woman butt if her husband were dead. [laughter] they do go to new brunswick for
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a while. you have to read the book and find out more. [laughter] i think we're almost out of time. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> on history bookshelf hear from the country's best-known american history writers from the past decade every saturday at 4:00 p.m. eastern. to watch these programs any time visit our website. you're watching american history tv all weekend, every weekend on c-span 3. >> joseph smith was the founding prophet of the church. the earliest we have on him was a book that he began writing in 1832. in the front of the book he wrote a personal history about his life at this point. he describes a vision he had 12 years earlier. he did not write a lot of the things personally but he had clerks writing for him all
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together and printed for him. when we finish our project, we will have two dozen printed volumes at 500 pages a piece. >> learn about salt lake city, utah today at 6:00 p.m. eastern on book tv. >> next on american history tv, a former congressional staffer two former u.s. representatives and president george bush's chief of staff discussed the process and politics of negotiating the 1990 federal budget. this program is from the bush presidential library center. it was part of a conference marking the 25th anniversary of george bush's presidency. it is about an hour. >> our panel is going to discuss what i think is one of the greatest examples of the


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